23 December 2010

The FigS and the OliveS

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Now I will further discuss about healthcare in terms of food. There are so many categories of food around the world. It depends on us whether to choose the healthier one or not.  As a moslim, Islam encourage its followers to eat the food that is “halal”(permissible) and “toyyiba”(good). However, I will focus in some foods that have been mentioned in the quran which are figs and olive.

They both mentioned in the quran "By the Fig and the Olive, and the Mount of Sinai..." [surah at-Teen; 95: 1-2]
Fresh figs are seasonal, but dried figs are available throughout the year. You can get the same health benefits from eating dried figs if the fresh ones are out of season.

Health Benefits:
Fresh fig
Lower High Blood Pressure property:
Figs are a good source of potassium, a mineral that helps control blood pressure and reduce hypertension. The National Institute of health promotes the dietary approach towards fighting Hypertension by lowering the sodium intake and encouraging the consumption of nuts, whole grains, fish, poultry, and foods that are rich in potassium such as figs and dates.

Bone health: Figs are rich in Calcium which is essential for bone health and bone growth in children.

Cardiovascular benefits: Dried figs are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Dried fig

An Insulin-Lowering Leaf in Diabetes: The leaves of the olive tree or the blessed tree, as mentioned in the Quran, are used to lower high blood pressure. The Fig tree leaves are also as beneficial, as they have proven to reduce the amount of insulin needed by persons with diabetes who require insulin injections. Another way to benefit from fig leaves is to make tea out of them.


Black and Green Olives

A Mediterranean evergreen tree, most widely used in the Mediterranean cuisine. Olives are rich in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, antioxidants, and they prevent heart disease. Vitamin E contained in Olives is the body's primary fat-soluble antioxidant. Anti-oxidants help to strengthen the body's immune system; reducing the severity of asthma, cancer, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, premature ageing, as well as delaying the effects of ageing. Olives contain compounds called polyphenols that appear to have significant anti-inflammatory properties.
Olive oil

Drinking tea from Olive leaves helps against High blood pressure. Recent scientific researches have proved the health benefits of olive leaves in treating high blood pressure and hypertension.

06 December 2010

How to Reach an Audience Through Blogging

Hi Guys...

      Blogging is now become a trend among us, especially teenangers and people below 40 years old. Blogging is the way how they express their ideas and opinions, whether to support or criticise. In general, most people blogging in order to deliver the message to their particular audience. However, how far a blogger can reach their audience through blogging? That is quiet a big question among us that sooner or later needed to be solved in order to maximize the effectiveness of blogging. Here are some beneficial tips to overcome this problems.

       First of all, as a blogger, you have to ensure that who are your specific target audience. There are certain group of audience with certain level of interest through your blog. Therefore, in order to make your message reach to them, wisely use the appropriate language in your posting. For example, avoid using broken language, foul words, as well as too much smileys. This will make the audience felt that you are not being serious nor professional. In contrast, the usage of proper language with excellent grammar will be much helpful. The usage of pictures also can be applied for the appropriate explanations. And again, not too much pictures.

        Next, make sure to manage your blog wisely. The arrangements of the widgets, the size of the fonts, backgrounds, as well as the structure of the blogs. The widgets can be helpful, but if too much, it will make your blog crowded. So do the backgrounds and colors of the font. It should be contra. If the fonts are dark, the backgrounds should be light and vice versa. The structure of your blog should be accordingly, heads on the top and so on. The headline should not be too long.

        Finally, the most important things are comprehensiveness of the text or post. It is best to double check or even more before you post something into the blog. This is to avoid unnecessary words or sentences that might be "controversy" or contradict each other. This steps also helps us find any spelling or grammatical errors in the sentences. avoid using to much quotation from others as we might be trapped into Intellectual properties (IP) problems.

        To conclude, there are many ways to reach an audience through blogging which are ensure your specific target audience, manage your blog wisely as well as comprehensive posting. Word of advise, be a thrutfull and sincere blogger and happy blogging~.

Moral of the story??

            Hi guys... whats up?? here we go again... but now, i'm not going to talk about food.... but of course for a while only, coz i'm in luv with food... hahaha

So now,
i got some story of my very own experience..
to begin with, i was walking alone among a crowded people inside this "pyramid"-shaped shopping complex.
my destination was "surau" or in arabic.. Musolla... ops, i forget the english name.. haha

After finished pray, as usual.... i stopped by toilet to tidy up my clothes.... when i juz ready to continue my "journey", sudenly......

             I saw a foreigner, maybe a nigerian, was wandering around and look like have a big question mark right in his face...am I a good body language reader??? hahaha...
so, deep in myself, i ask myself... should I offer myself a help to this gentlemen??is there any chance that i might hurt if I do that?? so... without any further a due.... I approach that man and offer any help for him... (put some courage only)...

             Then, the man very pleased and asked me, "where is the exit, I want to find a taxi?" and then, with smile... i answer, "Oh sir, this is not the exit, this is Musolla, let me show you the exit".

             So, we start the journey to the exit together... in the mean time, while walking, we start a conversation.. "so, where are you from sir?", I asked. He replied, "I am from Tanzania, south of the Africa." and then, I asked again, "where are you staying sir?", he then replied, " I'm staying at Subang jaya". then, i'm just about to asked again suddenly he "potong" me and said " I like malaysian, you are very nice and kind.. I'm here to attend a seminar at Grand hotel, Subang Jaya". then.... my smile become "longer", and say " thank you sir".
Then, I lost a word some times, because my English vocab not so many... not to forget I also have to improve my grammar...

Luckily, we reached the exit after that, and I show him the way to exit and get a Cab... he thanked me, and the conversation ended.... of course with we both smiling each other... =p hehehe

Finally, moral of the story....

1.      Always have courage to do positive things
2.      Never forget to ask the person's NAME.........

Tarbush Restaurant's review

Hi guys,

First of all, I would like to thank coordinators of BesT (Biotechnology entrepreneurs trainings) because had included the "Blogging 101" module, since I managed to learn and created my very own blog.. and..... THIS IS IT!!!

Everybody have their own interest in their life and so do I. For me, I would really enjoy sharing about Food and Beverages(F&B), local & international, how they were made, how do we eat them??, and of course, is it Halal??

So to start,

I chose middle-east and Lebanese cuisine. Have you heard of Tarbush Restaurant?? If yes, have you tried it?? The food here 100% guaranteed halal and definitely no beer or non-halal food are allowed to enter this premise.

Now let us review the categories of food they offered to satisfy all your senses:


varieties of appetizer such as Homus Tahinah, Tatbush Homus, Mutabbal, Foul and etc..

homus is made from chickpeas and then blended to made it soft. to eat homus, frequently the customers will use the lebanese bread provided and it is free!! and you can ask for extra as you pleased.


Included choices of Green Salad, Fetush, Fetush eggplant, tabouleh and etc...
most popular is fetush salad, the taste is little bit sour, to trigger your desire for the main course..

Main courses
Here comes the main part, for those who really hungry. Trust me..... we asian will quiet "shock" when we receive the food because it so much to our stomach!!!

           they offered 4 varieties of rice which are, Briyani, Maqlubah, Bazilla and White Rice. for me, personally i would reccomend you to first try the famous briyani and then maqlubah rice with choices of chicken (half portion) or lamb (2 big chunk). for those who wanna try something new, you can ask for Bazilla chicken where the rice specially mixed with blackpepper powder as well as green peas and of course no to forget, half portoin of fried chicken.

Grilled Items
For those wo tried to "avoid" eating rice, here you go.......... Grilled Items. Not to forget, tarbush offer only lamb and chicken, no beef at all... so, they have varieties of choices including grilled seafood. they have shish tawook (chiken breast), shish kebab (lamb patties), lamb cubes, lamb chops, Grilled garoupa, Cheezzzy Prawn and also their top selling items, Grilled spring chicken!!

Last but not least, after full enough with the courses, we can have our "pencuci mulut". some of the dessert are cream caramel, riz bil halib, fawake and most ordered dessert, Mahalabia...

so guys, what are you waiting for??? see you at Tarbush~~~

OOppppss, before i forget, you also can go directly to their official website for further information.......
cheers... and ENJOYYYYY your meal~~